Friday, September 9, 2011

Contact Drama

The contact drama
never ceases to
amaze me...
woke from nap
NO contact
found it in the crib
still soft
cleaned it
put it back in his eye
never even took off
the patch
wow almost too

playing before lunch
gone again
took off the patch
took off his clothes
took off his diaper
got out the flash light
searched the play area
went back to the crib
no luck.

lunch time
lunch over
keeps rubbing eyes?
but no contact
and no patch
happen to glance at him
his eye seemed teary
go to take a closer look
a sliver of the contact
is on his face
dripping down from his
contact eye
like a tear.

did it break in his eye
are there more pieces
still in his eye?!
scooped him up
he is laughing
swaddled him
looked in his eye
flushed his eye with drops
he didn't like that
but hugs n kisses later
he feels better
I don't.

How does a sliver
of contact
after my search of him
for it
make its way
to the tear duct
of his contact eye?!
And the sliver
was still soft
not dried up and crusty
like they get
when out for too long.
Kinda freaked out
still havn't found
the rest of the contact.

We have back ups
4 of them
for days like today.
But I am done.
with contacts
with patches
with searching
for today.

So we went
to our tree
worry free.
Still cute even with the drool dripping out of his mouth! 

Cuter... her or the overalls?!

Bonus of not patching today... profile shot of his good eye!

His favorite new thing to do, maybe he will come to yoga with mommy?!

How dare someone walk by our blanket!  She had to watch them till they were long gone.

He crawled over to her... love the brother sister moments!!!

They spent some time examining leaves.

Then played patty cake together... precious!!!
Contact drama...
What contact drama?


  1. Love all of the grins. It is so hard, this eye business, this parenting business, this WORRYING business. But, how quickly it becomes easy again when we see grins! I am so sorry about the contact drama. I cannot offer any advice on that at all. But, I can say that you are doing AWESOME!1

  2. The contact is going to be the death of me. I had a day and a half yesterday. Maybe it was in the air. LOVE LOVE LOVE Patty Cake!

  3. Hello.. Noni here. I thought I would check out your blog. Your children are precious. I love the patty cake picture too and the one of your son doing a flip. To cute.


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