Saturday, June 30, 2012

Exploring Serendipity

Exploring Serendipity
is the title of 
this sculpture
now our home base
in the Garden

which is certainly
an interesting concept
Serendipity meaning
happy accident
or pleasant surprise
and Exploring that
searching for something 
huh... well does that
make it an accident
or surprise then?!

I'm not sure if this 
serendipitous encounter
happened at the bridge of
Exploring Serendipity
by coincidence or what
but the incident
is too funny
not to share...
have you ever
heard of
yeah, me neither
till now.

We shared a moment
of serendipity
with real live
they probably call
something different
considering they called
me a Muggle!?!
can you believe it
yes, me
someone ignorant
of their fun
a game of hide and seek
with GPS equipment
and guess where
what they were seeking
was hidden

you guessed it
at the very moment
we were on it
under the bridge to
Exploring Serendipity

Our Garden
as a whole
has been one big
serendipitous adventure

every time we go
we explore

we seek

we find

happy accidents

pleasant surprises

they are there

they are everywhere

even in the air

Exploring Serendipity

I can't get enough

it's concept

it's message

is powerful
and true

Exploring Serendipity

begins within you.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Something New

Something Old
Something New
No Borrowed
No Blue
wedding bells
are not ringing
we just found
a new reason
to be singing.  :)

We have graduated
once again
to a new spot
what once was
Our Tree
for sitting and learning
how to explore and crawl
turned into
Our Fence
aka the runway
for toddlers who are
on the go go go
and now
Our Garden!

Yes, all three
are at the same
believe it or not
there is a "real"
playground here too
but who needs it
when you have
all these other
great places?!

I have been
eying up this spot
for a while now
and this week
I just jumped in
with two feet
and two toddlers
when the parent child ratio
out weighs your ability
to safely guide
and entertain
I always proceed
with caution
I honestly can say
I was pleasantly
at how much fun
these two had

Note the fact that
they are together
in every single photo
yes, I did take some
single shots
but they weren't
anything amazing
what was amazing
was that somehow
my drastically different
toddler twins
managed to find
something in common
each other
running around
exploring climbing
touching smelling
smiling laughing

Our Garden
is actually several
formal Gardens
all connected
with brick and stone
twisting and turning about
like a little mini maze
that initially made
me very nervous
what if they run
in separate directions
what if I can't
get to one of them
from behind a hedge
but believe it or not
they stayed
AND they listened
to Mommy!!!

Hey Guys!

Can you blow
a kiss?!

they are Precious
the day was
and these pictures are

On your mark
get set...


Oh wait... stop!
Lid da la
that would be water
according to Easton
we found a fountain
that wasn't on
but yes, still had
Lid da la!

Ok so maybe
they weren't
every single second
but she is still
in the shot!  ;)

Here are the hedges

Under the trellis

They probably went
up and down
these stairs
for at least 10 min!

Yes, people come here
for wedding photos.

We come here
to play
and learn
about pine cones!

And how sweet
roses smell!

Our Garden
is most definitely
our NEW

favorite spot

I don't have a doubt
my mind is made up
and crystal clear

we will be back here!

Somethings are Old
I love this place
Somethings are New
again... I love this place!

Monday, June 25, 2012


What would our
life be like
if it didn't have
the Eye?
An interesting question
for sure
but pointless
because it does.
And really
at this point
the Eye
has woven it's self
right into the fabric
of our life
that from day to day
it usually goes
well, not really
I'm just used to it
so much so
that a fellow imom
wrote a post titled
You know you're an "imom" when...
and I had to laugh
because all her points
were so true
but again
I'm just used to it.

So when am I
not used to it?
the appointments
the anticipation
the endless
always the night before
with a teeny tiny bit of
last night I laid in bed
an entire thunderstorm
came and went
and I didn't fall asleep
I kept wondering
is this a sign
of the storm to come
and then I would
for the signs of
the storm passed
I'm still awake
does this mean
we will get through it

Tomorrow is here
today we went
and we walked
out of the office
riding a giant wave
of relief
smiles so big
hearts so happy
that I think I was
floating on my own
we are winning...

The PO put his patch on today... backwards.  I'm cool with it, whatever works!  :)

in both eyes
low teens
Optic nerve
looked healthy
so much so
that it even
some of the cupping
a possibility in children
not adults
meds are working
continue with the drops
fine by me!

Wait... there is
here is what
brought tears
to my eyes
his vision
he can see
yes, we know but 
the eye chart pics
all our studying
paid off
for the first time
we tested
his vision
and he participated
and he passed
so far we know
he has 20/50 vision
in his good eye
with glasses on
he has 20/80 vision
in his bad Eye
with the contact in
the PO almost
fell out of her chair
she would have been
happy with 20/200!

Treasure hunted... treasure found!!!

At 21 months old
this was Easton's
first eye chart exam
so actually
there is still
lots of hope
that it will only
get better
as he gets older
his attention span
was limited
it was a very
initial exam
but I was speechless
I was so proud
he sat
he saw
he said
and there isn't
much more
to say?!


Honestly... really!?  Do you think he knows?!  He has to!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Choice

The funny thing
about this 

blog thing

is that I get to 

what I want
to focus on 
and blab blog about

and sometimes 
does just that

keeps me focused
on what's important
on what matters

Her Masterpiece!

In between all 
the photos
the fun
the smiles
the moments

His Masterpiece!

is life 
real life
moving life
messy life
my life

My Masterpiece... "Hugs" for Father's Day, the ribbon is their arm span.

And while every moment
may not be 

a blog worthy moment

I still get to 

what I want

to focus on

life is certainly
not always 
picture perfect
and poetic

even in 
the long
the lazy 
the hazy
days of summer

is a choice

is not a destination

is not something 
that just happens

is a verb
an action
a choice

I'm trying
I am really trying

to choose
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