Sunday, July 31, 2011

Born this way

Look at them.
How different could two twins be?!
Boy Girl
Big Little
Blonde Brunette
Brown Blue
But no matter what they are still
Brother Sister
As Lady GaGa puts it
oh ah la la la
Baby they were born this way!

Look at her!
Would you ever know
she was born with
two inguinal hernias
two holes in her heart
a pinched aortic valve
and SMALL.
She was born exceptionally small.
She still to this day remains small.

But look at her!
She's amazing.
She's a survivor.
She's a fighter.
She's sassy and sweet.
And she loves her brother.

This kid!
Look at him.
He's on a mission.
He just went Giraffe Sighting.
He was born with
the eye.
Here it is!
How beautiful is that!!!
Look carefully...
You can see the contact.
The edges of it are just beyond the outer edge of his iris.
You can see his scars.
Two little white dots, at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.
You can see the remaining lens.
The white penisula thing pointing down and into his pupil.
You can see his pupil is not perfectly circular.
You can see his iris isn't either.

I get lost looking into his eye.
I fall more and more in love with it and him every time.

He's amazing too!
He's determined.
He's focused.
He's confident and cuddly.
And he absolutely loves his sister.

It just amazes me.
How he and she were
born this way.


  1. Wow...look how much you have been through! So glad both kids are doing so well! Nicole has the same white spot and her pupil isn't a perfect circle nor does it constrict as much as her other eye...and it's bluer than her other brown eye. I get lost in her eye everyday. Not always in a good way. Searching for cloudiness, searching for size changes, redness, a lens....LOL. Another mom told me that eventually life doesn't revolve around "the eye" anymore. Can't wait for that day! ;)


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