Monday, July 29, 2013


Yes, we visited this place last year
Yes, I try to match their outfits everyday
Yes, some days they purposely don't match
and that in my head is matching, ha
Yes, I am loving that I can do my little girl's hair

Yes, they would not sit in the boat together
Yes, if he sat down she got up
Yes, they love each other fiercely
Yes, they need their own space

Yes, I love this giant bouncy thing
Yes, I love even more that my Mom loves it too
Yes, it was the perfect day
Yes, it was still only 10:30 am

Yes, this boy makes my heart skip a beat

Yes, my Mom is possibility having more fun

Yes, he will drive one day

Yes, we tried to take a cute pic together
Yes, this was the best I got

Yes, I love those big, white, puffy clouds

Yes, I am up there with both of them
Yes, they were afraid to go by their selves

Yes, it was just as much fun for me too

Yes, we did it more than once

Yes, I have nothing to say for this pic
Yes, I still like it anyway

Yes, she was obsessed with this water pump
until she mastered the ability
to get the water to flow perfectly

Yes, I love this pic because of her hair
Yes, she is whipping back and forth

Yes, everyone says they look like twins
Yes, everyone says Azalea actually looks like my Grandma, my Mom's Mom
Yes, sometimes we call Azalea little Millie (Grandma's name)
mostly because of her attitude and actions though, feisty lil firecracker
Yes, it is amazing how they have never meet but I feel like they have
Yes, I miss my Grandma
Yes, she would be so proud

Yes, this woman is amazing
Yes, her smile is warm and genuine
Yes, her heart is made of gold
Yes, I am the luckiest daughter in the world

Yes, it took her seconds to master this

Yes, he had to master it too in his own time
Yes, he is currently obsessed with all things construction
Yes, after discovering this he did not want to do anything else

Yes, I think he is in heaven

Yes, she will keep running and running if I let her
Yes, he will only go so far and then stop and wait for me

Yes, he wanted to pull the wagon
Yes, he wanted her to get out
Yes, he was capable of pulling it with her in it
Yes, they are in a stand off

Yes, her face is perfectly in the circle of the wheel
Yes, he loves tractors
Yes, for whatever reason was afraid to sit on it

Yes, we are working on the whole peddling thing

Yes, Grandma was pushing more than they were riding

Yes, we ended the day with a sweet treat

Yes, he dropped his and ended up eating mine

Yes, this day, this month has been fun filled to perfection

Yes, I do say no daily
Yes, it is way more fun to say YES!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

the Joy

the Joy
of parenthood
is reliving 
the Joy
the memories
of childhood 


as they get older
each year
each season
each month
each moment
is more and more

Beaver Island
a State Park
a local site
a small beach
was Joyful
as a child

I remember
several Summers
looking forward
to days at the beach
Beaver Island

I remember
the parking lot
hot and hazy
the pathways
shaded and cool
the boardwalk
wooden and noisey
the smell
sunscreen and moisture
the sounds
waves lapping children laughing
life guard whistles blowing
the feel
dry sand damp sand wet sand
hot sun on my skin
wind breezes blowing

I remember
year after year
growing up
with this beach
my mom and I
Joyful memories
fun family photos

one year
my best friend and I
as sweet sixteens
drove there on our own
strictly to work on
our tans, of course
laid out for hours
hot tired and ready 
to go home
got in her car
and it would NOT start
frantically calling 
her dad
and a tow truck
riding all the way home
sharing shot gun
in the front cab
with creepy tow truck guy
in bikinis and short shorts
ohhh Beaver Island


all this and more
came back to me
with this first visit
with them
now I will remember
the packing
the schlepping
the cooler
the beach towels
the beach umbrella
the beach chairs
the beach toys
the bathing suits
the sun screen
the bathrooms
the Joy

now I am not
along for the ride
I am creating 
the ride
the memory
for them
and all the work
that was done 
for me
is now being done
for them

and as gritty
as wet bathing suits
and sand can be
as gritty as 
parenthood can be
it is all worth it
for the Joy

we have spent
much of this week
much of this Summer
in bathing suits
it has been HOT
like heat wave hot
and now I remember
why we need
more than one
or even more than two
bathing suits

hot Summer
means wet water
everyday all day
wet suits
wet towels
wet clothes
are drying and littered
around our home
and I love it

we went to
water the flowers
the other night
and we ended up
watering everything
but the flowers
he sprayed the hose
she sprayed the hose
I sprayed the hose
and we were all
soaked head to toe
in our clothes
the Joy

this year
they really love
the water
for me, as a kid
a splash pad
was a cement pad that
caved toward the center
and in the middle
was a large cement cylindar
that sprayed water
in one circular
and constant pattern
only during a certain time
on only the hottest of days

and I do feel old
very old using that word
a splash pad is practically
a mini water theme park
but oh just look

look at this

too much fun
and very different
from last year's
splash pad exposure
she was hilarious
dipping various parts
a leg an arm
her hair her face
into the streams
of spraying water
when it would
get to be too much
she would run
to the towel for
a quick swipe
and then back at it
the Joy


he had just as much
fun, but he also likes
his down time
aka. momma's lap
and so do I
rare is the moment
when this bare
beautiful face
is looking up at me
I had to capture
this Joy

enJOY the Joy
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