Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This year
has been about
for results
for snow.

There is a saying,
good things come
to those
who wait.

I've learned
this lesson
once before
three years later
I was blessed with
my babies.

So we shall continue
to wait
wait for the retreat
of glaucoma
wait for restored vision
in his Eye
the snow is here!

Some of us
enjoyed it
and some of us
did not.

But to be fair
she needed time
don't we all
when we experience
something new
our responses
can vary
certainly crying
is one way
I've dealt with
something new.

This girl
deals with life
but surely
whether it's
being born
being held
learning to eat
learning to move
feeling grass
feeling water
she just
needs time.

I can totally
new stuff
like fluffy white snow
these things
are hard
and so is
especially when
you really don't know
where it all
will lead you to.

This one though
he is
not afraid
never has been
wasn't long
till he was
plowing through
the white stuff
like a little Eskimo.

He would fall

and get right back
with stuffy snow pants on
and all
that's what he does
that's what he has
always done.

pushed him down
before he even knew
how to get
back up
and he still
does it anyway.

He just
brushes himself off
and gets back
in the game.

And game there was
our crazy dog
to climb
a tree!

she is trying
to jump
and climb
the tree.

Lesson learned
try and fail
try and succeed
nothing is accomplished 
unless you

She started to try

She touched the snow.
He tried
to taste the snow.

The dog
didn't get up
the tree
but she had fun

I tried 
to get a good shot 
of both of them
together enjoying 
the snow
this is my 
best shot.

I tried.
I am trying
to be 
to just 

each moment
whether the result
is good
or bad
there is 

And look who 
is smiling
in the 

Friday, January 27, 2012

the skeleton


I know 
I know
I'm obsessed 
the chalk
the board
havn't we had
enough already!

I can't 
help it

one part fun

two parts cuteness

three parts therapeutic

Although yes, I am an
Art Teacher
when I am not a 
Full-time MOM
I also have a degree in
Art Therapy
the photography
the artwork
the poetry
the emotion
all in one
big blog
and this post...

the chalk 
started speaking 
to me.

First of all 
Nannu came over
that would be 
my Dad
Hello man with
hairy tattooed forearm!

He likes
and many other things.  ;)
Of course he had to
draw with the kids
on the new

This would be
his creation

just a snap shot
of an ever changing
work of Art
but today
it feels like

two flowers
one big 
one little
just like my
little flowers

the skeleton
is over 
the big flower
but including
the little one 
as well.

the skeleton
the Eye
his Eye
built in
part of 
the original structure
over him
over us
at times.

the skeleton
is not preventing
the flowers
from growth
from beauty
in fact it is 
the source
from which
the rest 
of the body
is held
a symbol of 


like the rock
bones too
carry us
but they do not 
define us.

the skeleton 
seems friendly
reaching out
the Eye
can be friendly
it's growing
it's seeing
but as we all know
skeletons have
and so does
the Eye.

I am feeling 
the darkside
a little more
these days
ahem glaucoma
and especially today
the Eye
and it's sidekick
the contact lens
kicked me real good
right in the stomach.

Occupational Therapy
was here today
for lunch with Azalea
(she by the way
is doing fantastic)
Easton rubbed his Eye
the lens fell out
patch still on
food all over face
hands dirty
oh just imagine
I washed my hands
had OT hold his
and we, well I
got the lens back in
all while he still sat 
in his highchair
this was a first!

But the whole fiasco
left me feeling
well I was shaking
something about 
putting the lens in
in front of someone 
especially when
let's just say
it didn't go in 
so she got to see
the darkside
and I felt like 
the skeleton
the cruel contact shoving

I know 
I know I'm not
and I know 
OT didn't think that
but I felt it
I felt like 
the skeleton
the source
the person who
stands over him
overwhelms him
into his Eye.

Let's top this off 
with a little more
salt in the wound
not an hour later
he went down 
for a nap
only to wake 
without the contact 
tried to find it
no luck
hubby home 
he finds it
in the carpet 
in his bedroom
the joy
the fun
the skeleton.

PS.  I will try 
to resist 
the urge 
to post
more chalk pics
but I am not
making any

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Our weekly trips
to the babysitter's house
are starting to become

I looked forward 
to the day
those two hours
that I could just 
my thoughts
my house.

Each week
it was easy 
for me
drop em off
and go.
Each week
it got easier 
for them
a little more
a little less

This week
the tables turned
they were already
into the toys
music on
dance party started
before I was even
out the door.

As I pulled away
in fact, before then
as I was 
getting them dressed
to go
I felt it
the twinge
I'm gonna miss em.

I mean really
this sight

How could I
They are people now.
They are fun.
They are work
but way more fun

According to Azalea
they have "vox" on
that would translate to
my socks to be exact
helping me with the laundry
turned into a fashion show.

We are in a
language explosion
at the moment
everyday they seem to
understand that much

She tries to say
she can make
the "s" sound
but socks
always comes out
and I laugh
every time.

He loves to
make noises
every and any
He tries to speak
different words too
but he copies
every noise he hears
some of the noises
I don't even notice
until I hear him
trying to repeat it.

I put this pic in
well one because
it's cute
this kid can manage to make
pink socks
cuddly pillows
and blankets
look well... manly
he is all boy.

But also because
of the way he is looking
with his head turned
he does this a lot
when not patched
he leads with his bad eye
to see?
I would think
he would lead with his good?
if at all?
Does anyone else's
little people
with one good eye
do this?

And lastly
the newest
chalkboard creation
I finally found a good use
for my cream and sugar set!
I have had many things
in this creamer
but never cream.


I'm starting to wonder
why I didn't just paint
to the end of the wall?
I still might?!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Keepin Busy

I'm getting used to 
the "fun pack" 
of patches

I like how
the lil fishes are swimmin
especially in that pic.

We are keepin busy
these days
passing time 
till the next Eye Dr. apt.

and nothing 
does that better
than spending time 
reaching for rings

and running around
at the gymnastics center.

We also added 
something new
to our home
chalkboard paint

right on the back
of our kitchen island
right in the middle of
our home.

I've been thinking about it
waiting for the right time
while having reservations
you can imagine

but in the spirit of
just do it
when life gets messy
make a mess
I went for it!

You can tell
who is priority
in this house.

I figured it was a sign
we were doing
something right
when Daddy found this
on the back of the chalk package

Look carefully
among the many places
note the first!!  ;)

And look who
participated in an activity
for more than
30 seconds!

yes there was dust
yes they colored on more than just the chalkboard
yes they tried to eat it
yes the dog tried to lick the wall
yes their hands were dirty
yes it smeared on their clothes

and YES
we had so much FUN
all day long
it was like living with an artwork
it evolved with us
it will continued to
keep us busy!

chalk anyone?!

pick a color!

Monday, January 16, 2012


When I imagined
playing in the snow
with my kids
I didn't exactly

But hey at least
they now know
how to properly play
with a polar bear

As you can see
it finally

Which gave me 
the opportunity
to shoot the shadow
of a tree on snow
but this one 
doesn't count
cuz it's not
Our Tree
oh well soon enough.

So while we wait
for the right moment
of snow 
of sunlight
fair weather
we watch
and play

We also found
a fun place
for snacks

but don't be fooled
as cute 
as grown
as they may look

toddler table time
only lasts so long before
toddlers think table
is a mountain
that needs to be climbed.

the joy
of being

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Tree!

Look at that

could it be
is it really
Our Tree!
in January?!

The weather was
way too amazing
to resist
so we bundled up
and went for it.

A little bit of
a winter treat

definite chill
in the air
but the sun was beaming
so bright
I noticed him

notice the shadows.

So excited
So happy

we were
on our way
my babies
and me

headed to
Our Tree!

If only there was
his new patch
would have matched
the shadows
of the branches
on the ground.

But even
without it
we still
were in wonder

Winter Wonder

Everything seemed
so quiet
so calm
so cold
without being cold.

We loved it
We needed it
We will be back.

I want this picture
with a blanket
of snow!
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