Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eye Chart Pics

I found these
in my giant pile
of someday
I will eventually
get around to this
Bird... Duck?
I can't remember
if it was at
the last
or even the one
before last
Birthday Cake, let's count the candles... 1, 2, 3!
but we were at 
an Eye appointment
and the student Dr.
put these up 
on the eye chart screen
thinking Easton
a. would see them
b. would recognize the image
c. would say it out loud
Gulf cart, Jeep?  Going with good ole... Car.
I remember
I literally
laughed out loud
and then went
all parent
on the situation
Hand... High Five... Stop!
requesting a copy 
of each image
so I could
introduce them
to Easton
you know
give the kid
a fighting chance
Horse, Unicorn, Man on Horse, Knight, Horseback Riding?!?
well I finally
got around to it
I scanned them into
the computer yesterday
printed them out
to fit a 4x6
photo book
Phone, Telephone... Antique, I mean really!?!
and voila
just in time
for the now
age appropriate activity
of reading
picture books
and naming objects.


  1. Dr cogen uses those, too! They will never know that antique phone...!way to go imom with your proactive decisions. Lucky boy to have you as a mommy:)

  2. Too funny. Nicole doesn't get those. Her's are much more recognizable. Fish, train, boat. Not that she always sees them.LOL.

  3. This is so funny! I just saw these on a card today at the Dr's office. Such a good idea though!


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